Lives Passed The epitaphs and mementos at a grave site can provide a poignant glimpse of the individual’s life, the dates can tell us of their times, and the location can tell us of their place. But the whole is more than the sum of its parts; the narrative of the cemetery builds; each grave site speaks of an individual, each cemetery speaks of a community, and the exhibition speaks of a people who built a nation.
01 Prelate SK 08 Taber, AB 06 Wells, BC 09 St. John's, NL 10 Victoria, BC 13 Sidney Mines, NS 15 Sidney Mines, NS 16 Halifax, NS 20 St. John's NL
St. John’s, NL
Sidney Mine, NS
Halifax, NS
St. John’s NL
Wells, BC
Taber, AB
Sidney Mines, NS
Victoria, BC
© David Moon 2012
22 St. John's, NL 30 Kingston, ON 37 Halifax, NS
St. John’s NL
Halifax, NS
Kingston, ON
Prelate, SK
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