The USA: A Sense of Place

The continental USA is a land of contrasts, physical, cultural, and political. From desert to sub- tropical, high alpine to temperate rain forest, rolling plain to towering mountains, and rugged wilderness to sprawling megacities; this complex landscape harbors ethnic enclaves, cosmopolitan neighborhoods  rural communities, art communes, and exclusive societies. In the six months we spent traveling in the US we hardly scratched the surface of this complex nation, but gained the impression of a people welcoming to visitors, polarized in their political and social views, and profoundly influenced by the landscapes they live in. The following images and comments reflect our personal experiences.  A page may have buttons labeled “Anecdote” and “Location”. The Anecdote button will describe a personal experience or provide additional information about the subject matter of the page, the location  button will display a map showing the area covered by the page.